ColonicDetox Programme

Colonic irrigation is a highly effective treatment to kickstart detox and weightloss. When you begin my Vitality Living Method® Detox and Weight loss Programme, you will undergo Colonic Irrigation Dublin at my one of my Dublin based detox clinics. This is a necessary part of getting your body ready for weight loss. Thousands of my clients have tried it and everyone agrees, they felt lighter, less bloated and their cravings for processed food were instantly replaced with a longing to fuel their bodies with food that feels good. It was through my own experience with bloating and constipation that I discovered the value of full body cleansing in advance of a weight loss programme. Colonic Irrigation Dublin instantly removes toxicity, bloating and impaction from your colon and your liver. This means that your body can cope better with the further release of toxicity that will follow when you begin my Vitality Living Method® Weight loss Diet. Drinking 2 litres of water per day boosts your metabolism by keeping your liver hydrated. After your colonic, your liver and your entire body is hydrated, because when you drink water in the normal way, very often the brain takes a large portion. Only when the brain has enough, will it allow the other organs to take their share. Keeping your body hydrated means that you are increasing your chances of losing the maximum amount of weight every day.

My Vitality Living Method® Diet programme involves eating clean healthy wholesome food. But I want you to get the feeling of vitality and a clean body instantly. You will never feel as clean and light as you will feel after Colonic Irrigation Dublin at my clinics. This treatment has an invigorating effect on your body's hydration levels and thousands of my clients agree that this has enabled them to stick to the programme when temptation sets in. Colonic Irrigation Dublin somehow seems to reset the appetite. I believe it makes you want to put only good things into your body thereafter because for maybe the first time in your life, your body knows what it feels like to feel really really clean inside. Now how would you like to feel lighter and totally cleansed instantly? Wouldn't it be great to lose more inches before you even begin my programme. Well now you can. That's exactly why Colonic Irrigation Dublin is an integral part of my weight loss programme.

Your body has been cleaned, detoxed and renewed before you even prepare your first Vitality Living Method® meal or undertake my exercise routine. This gives you a real advantage in weight loss. I recommend 3 Colonic Irrigation Dublin sessions and a liver cleanse in advance of my Vitality Living Method® weight loss programme. These can be done one per week over 3 weeks.

My Vitality Living Method® programme will work for you. You will feel and look great. You will begin to love life again, look slim and gorgeous and optimise your health into the bargain. That is why I have gone from a tiny clinic in Dublin 15 to a clinic and gym in Dublins most prestigious city location in just a few years. Thats why celebrities and TV personalities come to me when they need to look and feel slim and beautiful. My method works. And it will work for you because I am just like you and I know exactly how it feels to be feel frustrated and let down by so many diets and fitness programme. Vitality Living Method® is different. Try it today.


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