V-Mat Thermotherapy Bio Amethyst Far Infra Red Light is available at Dublin Vitality Centre®. When you begin my Vitality Living Method® Detox and Weight loss Programme, you are undertaking a health giving venture. You are making an investment in your long term health.For many of you, you will visit my clinic, not just to lose weight but to address years of unexplained health issues that you have never fully understood or that have never been explained to you satisfactorily. You may have been told that you have IBS or low thyroid function. And if so, you may have noticed that you feel a deep inner coldness in your body that you can't explain. Its a odd feeling but if you have ever experienced this, you will identify with what I am saying.

For those who suffer from low body temperature or coldness in their lower body or back, knees, joints or in general, I strongly recommend V-Mat Bio Amethyst Thermotherapy. Having lived in the Mediterranean for a number of years, I began to notice how my own sluggish colon and poor circulation improved. When I was a baby, it has been reported to me that I very often turned blue in the cot. I have for most of my life, felt cold in odd isolated parts of my body. I accepted this, as Im sure many of you have, as normal. It is not. And, having been exposed to some research myself, it not healthy either. That is why, i wanted my Vitality Living Method® programme to enable those of us who live in colder climates to enjoy the life give properties of warming sunlight.

It is no secret that the World Health Organisation has categorised certain parts of the meditteranean as some of the healthiest places on earth to live. I wondered if this was due to the ongoing exposure to consistent warmth of the sun. And I believe, that is exactly why the people live longer and have less health problems in warmer climates. It seems that when we are exposed to natural daily warmth from the sun, we are relieved of many ailments. Afterall, my medittanean friends all looked amazing on the beach, young and old. They were not as stiff and they smiled more. Have you ever noticed that whilst on holidays? They don't seem to age as quickly as those of us who live in colder climates. They also dont seem to suffer the same superfluous loose flesh and poor posture that you see time and time again in our colder climates. Their postures were better. And they are happier.

We all know that sunbeds are unhealthy and damage the skin but some people still choose to use them because they feel that the warmth of rays offer them some comfort.There is no doubt that sunlight helps our circulation and strenghtens our immune system. But I wanted to find a treatment that removed the harmful UVA and UVB properties of sunlight. After years of research I found a treatment that complimented the Vitality Living Method® perfectly. V-Mat Bio Amethyst thermotherapy FAR infrared light offers the healing aspects of sunlight without the damaging effects to the skin. Far Infra Red Light is a spectrum of natural sunlight that enables cellular rejuvenation. That means it enables our cells to grow and flourish. It even allows plants to grow....in space. But you would need to research NASAs programme to find out more about this. During V-Mat Bio Amethyst Thermotherapy at Dublin Vitality Centre® clinics, you lye on 22LBS of pure amethyst crystal. I find that this increases wellbeing and enables those who suffer from low thyroid function, cold body, low metabolism , circulatory problems and fibromyalgia have greatly improved. If you ever suffer from coldness in the body, you are recommended to try this treatment. That is all I can say. The amethyst crystals allow the deep penetrating light to enter your body and penetrate deeply to warm your inner organs. Recent scientific evidence suggests that the certain illnesses can only exist in low body temperatures. That is why exposure to the V-Mat Bio Amethyst is the ultimate life giving treatment for those who suffer the devastating effects of coldness. This treatment is available and recommended at my clinics at part of the Vitality Living Method® programme. V-Mat Bio Amethyst Far Infra Red Light Thermotherapy €70, Dublin Vitality Center, Blanchardstown & Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


V-Mat Bio Amethyst Far Infra Red Light Thermotherapy €70, Dublin Vitality Center, Blanchardstown & Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 Vitality Living Method® weighloss and detox gym and clinic, 50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 info@dublinvitalitycenter.com © 2016

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