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Vitality Living Method® Means You Can Create A Strong, Lean & Clean Celebrity Body, Even If You Dont Possess The "Skinny Gene".

I was never overweight. But I never seemed to be able to achieve that strong, lean celebrity body either. I didnt want to be skinny but I wanted the body that you see in magazines. You know the ones I mean. The bodies where excess fat and flab does not exist. Instead, you see lean muscle tissue, clean bright skin and eyes and a gorgeous flat abdominal. Is it a coincidence that everyone in Los Angelos and Hollywood seems to be able to achieve this look?

They look strong and sexy, not scrawny and hungry. They seem to have it all without a bit of effort. How did they do it? I couldnt help but wonder if they had a special "gene" that the rest of us normal girls lacked. In later life, I worked as a designer in a very demanding job . I was the In-House Graphic Designer at Brown Thomas. With a glamorous design career in full swing, I was determined to have a body to complement the fabulous designer clothes that I came into contact with everyday. I heard whispers amongst the models of special diets that could make anyone thin. Thats when I tried Atkins diet. This diet had devastating consequences for my health. I felt thirsty, drained and had absolutely no energy. I felt really toxic and as for my bowel, that was a whole other issue.

After a few months on the Atkins diet, my bowel completely stopped working. Fatigue and insomnia set in and I began to get kidney infections and spots from the toxic matter in my body. I did however, achieve a size 8 figure for the first time in my life. However, it came with a major health price tag and lasted only as long as I was prepared to rely on a dreadful diet of meats and fats. I felt thirsty, drained, constipated and had absolutely no energy. I felt really toxic and it showed in my skin. That's when I became interested in full body detox cleansing with Colonic Irrigation Dublin. Having experienced the treatment for myselt, I suddenly realised why it is ever popular with celebrities and models all over the world.And with the Harley Street Method of Colonic Irrigation Dublin used at Dublin Vitality Centre® Clinics, there is no loss of privacy.

Frances Flannery, Director Vitality Living Method®

I wear many different hats. Im a personal trainer, colonic hydrotherapist, nutritionist, nurse, skin practitioner and have completed countless courses relating to the areas of health. Why? Because I love to see the changes that my programmes and detox treatments can create in people. I didnt set out to become a personal trainer or a skin therapist. But it made sense to do it when you begin to understand how all the systems of the body are related. With Colonic Irrigation, you can see improvements in the skin. Spots and back acne disappear when the system is cleansed of years of toxic matter.  People started to ask what else they could do to help with other skin problems such as wrinkles and fine lines. From that came The Vitality Living Method 4 Step Skin Rejuvenation Programme. Colonic Irrigation helps with weightloss and so people started to ask what were the best exercises to do for weightloss. And so The Vitality Living Method Weightloss programme was born. Now many other personal trainers send their clients for colonic irrigation at my clinic. Because they know that their client will see better results when detox is combined with exercise, a truly winning combination for weightloss. At my clinic on Merrion Road, Im proud to say that there is a beautiful private weightloss gym. Now I can offer a truly holistic fitness, detox and weightloss programme based on real research and first hand experience of helping people lose weight and feel amazing. At my weightloss clinic and gym on Merrion Road, I work with people from all walks of life. Some of them are celebrities and some are just ordinary people who have tried everything else and not gotten the results they wanted.


The unique aspect of my weight loss and detox programme, The Vitality Living Method® is that it always starts with a full body detox using Colonic Irrigation Dublin Harley Street Method. I have worked as colon hydrotherapist for 6 years and I have seen how this has helped people in so many ways. As a colon hydrotherapy instructor I have traveled to many countries and seen many different colonic irrigation methods. All of them offer incredible detox benefits. But like many people I remember the dread and embarrassment of wondering how I might have the treatment that I so badly needed whilst the therapist held the tube in place. For me and many like me, the idea created a huge barrier. That is why I wanted to bring the Harley Street Method to Ireland to ensure that those who needed increased privacy could still enjoy the benefits of this amazing treatment. Sadly I have bowel cancer in my family. I believe that without this treatment I would have been a high risk candidate and because colonic irrigation Dublin Vitality Center offers what some people call a less invasive treatment, people like me, can have the treatment with less anxiety. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to have a colonic irrigation treatment. But finding what is right for you is the goal. I believe colonic irrigation is the key to kickstarting any serious weight loss, detox , fitness plan and detox because it ensures that your body is clean and healthy and ready to cope with the new lifestyle that you are about to undertake when you commit to my programme.You are already winning when you begin because you are free of bloating, feel lighter and are full of energy.


I know that many of you have tried every diet ever created, like me. I know that most peoples bowel does not move as often as it should. And I know that as much as you want to be light and slim, your health and wellbeing are ultimately the most important gifts that you can have in life. I want you to start your weightloss journey feeling amazing. I want you to have great skin and a sparkle in your eye. And with Colonic Irrigation Dublin Vitality Center, you will be hydrated and feel light and clean. That is what Colonic Irrigation Dublin at Dublin Vitality Centre® Clinics will do for you.
Frances Flannery, Director Vitality Living Method®

Vitality Living Method® Means You Can Create A Strong, Lean & Clean Celebrity Body, Even If You Dont Possess The "Skinny Gene"

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