What Is Colonic Irrigation?

Colonic irrigation at Dublin Vitality Center is the ultimate detox treatment to kickstart weightloss. We have all heard of clean eating, clean living and a clean body. But whats the get way to remove all the excess toxins that have accumulated over a lifetime? Cleansing the body of course. And where do most of the toxins end up? In the eliminatory organs of course. Thats why Vitality Living Method® at Dublin Vitality Centre® always begins with Colonic Irrigation Dublin uing the advanced Harley Street Method. At Dublin Vitality Center, a 3 day detox is recommended for those who wish to give their bodies a total cleanse. This is normally combined with a full nutritional plan and fitness training programme in our professional gym and clinic. Colonic irrigation or cleansing can stimulate the removal of toxins and lead to brighter skin, increased energy, removal of dark circles under the eyes, better sleep. Your body willl thank you and so will your mind. Because a clean and healthy body means clearer thinking and better concentration.

If you have ever started a juice fast or detox only to find that you are experiencing excruciating headaches, cold sweats, muscle aches and fatigue, you will have experienced a healing crisis first hand. A healing crisis happens when your body is suddenly introduced to toxin free nutritious food and all the old cellular toxins make a dash for your eliminatory organs. In simple terms, you need to remove the old built up toxins from your liver and colon so that they can cope with all the toxins being released from your cells when you start to introduce clean foods. If you don't, you may end up feeling worse for up to 3 weeks. And when you under go the Vitality Living Method® detox and weightloss programme, we want to give your body the very best chance of sticking to your new nutritional plan without the downtime. That is why we recommend Colonic Irrigation Dublin to kickstart our weightloss and fitness programme.
- Frances Flannery | Personal Trainer & Director of Vitality Living Method®

When you begin the Vitality Living Method® programme, you will start to feel slimmer and more energised from day one. Our secret is The Harley Street Colonic Irrigation Dublin Detox that we recommend to all our clients. This is combined with fat burning nutritional programme and personal fitness programme at our beautiful gym and clinic located on Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.


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