InchlossDetox Express

Inchloss Detox Express is a highly successful slimming treatment designed to achieve instant inchloss in 90 minutes. When you need to look your absolute best fast, you need Inchloss Detox Express at Dublin Vitality Centre®.

The treatment begins with mechanical lymphatic drainage massage to gently initiate the detoxifcation process. This enables toxins and bloating to move to the eliminatory organs of the body.

Next you will undergo Colonic Irrigation Dublin using the Harley Street Method cleanse the bowel and remove all those extra toxins that were loosened up during the initial part of the treatment.

Finally the liver is released of years of toxicity through the introduction of deep cleansing liver coffee enema solution. This is retained in the colon where it has the opportunity to be absorbed by the liver causing bile ducts to dilate and allowing years of toxicity to leave the body.
When you need to look slim and lose inches fast, Vitality Living Method®s exclusive Inchloss Detox Express Programme is the treatment for you. Book Today at Blanchardstown or Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, City Centre clinics.

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