Can colonics disturb gut flora?

Colonic irrigation has no influence on serum electrolytes and may induce improvements in symptoms without any effects on the intestinal microbiota according to Yoko Uchiyama-Tanaka. Colonic irrigation was developed about 40 years ago and no serious complications associated with its use have been reported. In his study, colonic irrigations were performed 3 times for each of the 10 subjects with no history of malignant or inflammatory disease.

Why do people say that colonics can disturb gut flora?

It seems that some people are not aware that the gut or colons main function is to deal with water. In fact, it is constantly absorbing water. In order for gut flora to survive it makes sense that it must be adapted to a watery environment.

Why are probiotics important?

It would seem that everyone has imbalanced gut flora due to over or incorrect use of antibiotics and other materials that the body comes in contact with over the course of time. Some believe this has left the population depleted. Certainly restoring gut flora with oral probiotics is a good idea as it may boost immunity and improve many other related issues.

How are probiotics taken?

Oral probiotics: Most people take oral probiotics. And this is the most popular approach.

Probiotic Gut Implant Enema: Direct probiotic implantation in the gut is said to be the best way to get the probiotic to where it is needed.

Dermal Probiotic Inunction: New skincare products contain microbiome which is believed to boost gut flora absorption through the process of dermal inunction. The skin can absorb products and materials through transdermal absorption.

Because probiotics are so vital to overall gut health and wellbeing, some people take probiotics in all three ways.

When should I take probiotics?

Always take probiotics following a case where a course of antibiotics or other medications have been prescribed. Taking probiotics after colonic hydrotherapy is a great opportunity to induce symbiosis as the gut is likely cleared of some toxins, and easier absorption is likely.

Who should take probiotics?

It is said that everyone should take probiotics because they offer support to the immune system through the gut. Its important that the probiotic makes it to the gut or bowel. And this is why some people chose direct probiotic implantation with probiotic enemas.

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